What is the intrinsic value of a professional services company?
There are different value-creation pathways for any professional services company. Some are more leveraged on proprietary content and methodologies, while others are mainly based on unique technical expertise or highly complex process management capabilities.
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How to maximize value creation in corporate learning?
The estimated global corporate learning market size is around USD 350 billion. That sounds attractive for any consolidation player interested in amplifying its international footprint by combining scale and scope levers. Nevertheless, after decades since its genesis around the 1960s, this market has remained significantly fragmented worldwide. Some major players - Google and LinkedIn included - have failed to build dominant competitive positions.
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How have organizational archetypes been reshaped for the future?
New business models, new organizational imperatives, new linguistic expressions... Several disruptions, from technological innovations to social standards adjustments, are on executive radars. In current times, polysyndets, metaphors, and hyperboles are familiar figures of speech. Strategic planning cycles highlight concepts such as burning platforms as a starting point for reflections on new possibilities.
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